Philosophy of IICS FC

IICS FC Philosophy

Student athletes

At Incheon International Christian School Football Club (IICS FC),

1. Through academic endeavors

2. Through soccer

They strive to emulate the character and personality of Jesus, preparing their vision.

The coaching staff

Through the education of Incheon International Christian School Football Club (IICS FC),

1. The character and behavior of a Christian

2. Athletic achievements

3. Leadership skills

4. Respect for teammates and opponents

They do their utmost to encourage the use of the abilities given by God to their fullest.

This is realized through a program that trains our student athletes to give glory to God and achieve victory in competition, in life, and eternally.
IICS FC Features

• Basic skills training

• Strengthening English communication skills after completing mandatory education in elementary, middle, and high school

• Career selection after secondary education

• Introduction of a professional sports mental management system for students

• Counseling available for entering U.S. colleges and professional teams

• Collaboration with Georgia UMA FC (USA 4th division league)