Online School

Bob Jones University Homeschool offers a comprehensive course, with a program that has proven academic excellence. Bob Jones University's online education (BJUP DLO) initially began as homeschooling materials aimed at parents who wanted to raise their children with a Christian worldview. Later, they began online education in 1994 with the installation of a satellite for Distance Learning Online and fully launched an internet-based Online Program in 2009.

1. Program with Proven Academic Excellence

  • A. Exceptional academic quality
  • B. Materials based on a Christian worldview for education, instruction, and evangelical purposes
  • C. Online learning program transcending time and space

2. Features

  • A. Target: Kindergarten to High School (K4 ~ G12 grades)
  • B. Materials: Textbooks with high-quality and diverse visual content
  • C. Videos: Comprehensive and abundant video lectures for each lesson by top American specialists in their fields
  • D. Designed to understand American local culture
  • E. Intended to mold students in academic and Christian character

3. Benefits for Homeschoolers

  • A. Preparation for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL through the lessons alone
  • B. Apply to universities in the USA and around the world