Q. What are the eligibility criteria for admission?
A. Both parents and students of Incheon International Christian School must agree with the faith confessed by the school as Christians. There must be clear agreement on Christian education, and children of parents who actively support the educational philosophy and policies of Incheon International Christian School. Parents are also required to attend parent education conducted by the school.
Q. Is Incheon International Christian School recognized as a regular Korean school?
A. Our school is an unaccredited alternative school because our educational objectives are aimed at a higher standard than regular schools. To obtain Korean elementary, middle, and high school credentials, one must take the qualification exam. We believe taking this exam shouldn't be a significant issue. Also, if we follow the accreditation procedure according to alternative school regulations, the issue regarding academic recognition will be resolved.
Q. What makes Incheon International Christian School different from regular schools?

Firstly, Incheon International Christian School teaches from a Christian worldview. Our teachings start from God.

Secondly, our school collaborates with the church. The church establishes the school, strengthening the church's foundation in truth while the school teaches genuine knowledge within the truth.

Thirdly, Incheon International Christian School is a school where students and parents grow together. The most important education takes place at home. Therefore, our school recognizes the unique authority and dignity of parents regarding their children. We strive to reinforce this authority, ensuring that students and parents thrive together within the school.

Q. How is it different from other alternative schools?
A. Alternative schools emerged to address issues with conventional schools and students and have two main purposes. The first is to foster elites, and the second is to correct maladjusted students. Incheon International Christian School started with a religious motive. It is neither an elite education school nor for maladjusted students, but a school to teach God's children centered around His Word and how to love the world.
Q. How can a student currently enrolled in a regular elementary school transfer to Incheon International Christian School?
A. You can meet with the class teacher of your current school and explain the situation. Then, you'll be excluded from the mandatory attendance count, which will defer your compulsory school attendance obligation.
Q. Can you transfer back to a regular school?
A. For elementary and middle schools, which fall under the mandatory education period, academic recognition isn't granted in principle, making it difficult to transfer to a regular school. However, in practice, transfers usually occur without any significant problems.
Q. What are the scholarship benefits?
A. We offer sibling scholarships, pastor and missionary child scholarships, staff child scholarships, Han-Young World Church member child scholarships, and other special scholarship systems.
Q. Do you operate school buses?
A. We operate school buses based on requests. There are separate charges for the service.