BO-Mul 5000 scholarship

Purpose and information on the establishment of the Christian School Support Association

   It is becoming increasingly difficult for children who believe in God to maintain their faith under a secular school learning environment based on evolution and humanism. Today, our children are in the midst of a heartbreaking education that prevents them from growing into children of God.

   Incheon International Christian School strives to glorify God by providing high-quality education centered on Christ and Bible, which is necessary for students to become global leaders with both faith and skill. This is our school's mission.

   IICS provides all students with an education rich in biblical truth in all subjects. When students understand and believe in biblical truth, they realize that the world they experience is a glorious way to reveal the Creator as the one and true God of the universe.

   Bo-Mul 5,000 is nameed after Jesus who fed 5,000 people with five barley loaves and two fish. It is a Christian school movement that establishes treasure-like students as Christian global leaders who serve 5,000 people like Jesus through a small commitment of educational missionary work and support. For this work, we absolutely need the prayers and support of our sponsors. We would like to invite sponsors for educational missions to raise christian leaders of God.



Donation Account Information.

Bank Name: MG Community Credit Cooperatives

Account Number: 9005-0001-0513-9

Account Holder: Korea Assemblies of God Church, Han-Yeong World Road Church

Inquiry: Administration Office of Incheon International Christian School
(☎ 82-32-873-1102)