Philosophy of Education

"Incheon International Christian School is

dedicated to nurturing students in both academic excellence and deep spiritual growth, guiding them towards a life centered in Christ."

   We believe it is our mission to develop students well-rounded academically and spiritually. First, our education is to enable students to believe in Christ Jesus and confess Him as their master in all areas of life. And it means being firmly rooted in Christ by faith. We believe that the Bible is God's exact, infallible, absolute truth. Therefore, we provide all students with an education rich in Bible-based truth in all subjects. When students understand and believe biblical truth, they realize that the world they experience is a glorious way to reveal the Creator as the one true God of the universe.

   The curriculum is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to equip students to develop a deeper personal faith in Jesus Christ and to serve Christ in any way they choose in life. Students mainly believe in Jesus Christ, read the Bible, and love their neighbors and the world. We're very excited to see what God is doing in IICS and how he's setting up future leaders. We believe it is our goal to give each student a passion to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through character and leadership. Incheon International Christian School strives to prepare students to become leaders like Christ in school, church community, family, and career.